Building the Future of Finance

I began my career as a Data Analyst developing Machine learning algorithms and soon after moved into Product Management. From there I took on progressively more senior roles almost exclusively at FinTech companies. Over the years I have moved back and forth between Product Management roles and more operational roles.

The bulk of my career has been spent at Central 1 which provides a FinTech platform and a myriad of services to Financial Institutions. I am currently living in London and serving as the Chief Product Officer at Lynx Global which is building a financial services platform in South East Asia via a collection of subsidiary companies in various jurisdictions.

Beyond my day job I have been doing small scale angel investing for about a decade and in early 2022 I joined ZenLaunchPad as a Partner to help restart their incubation program post COVID. In my free time I teach in the School of Business at BCIT and I have previously served on a number of boards including eight years on the Vancouver Public Library Board.

John Schaub

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